01. He is in a difficult [phase] of his life.
02. We are now entering the third [phase] of the experiment.
03. My brother is in a [phase] where he doesn't want to talk to anyone.
04. My teenage daughter is going through a [phase] in which she doesn't want to be seen in public with her parents.
05. Most teenagers go through a [phase] in which they argue a lot with their parents.
06. Some people believe that our behavior is influenced by the different [phases] of the moon.
07. The construction project is now entering its final [phase] of development.
08. At the end of every 19 years, the lunar [phases] repeat themselves.
09. We are now entering the final [phase] of our 10-year commercial project.
10. Most of the fuel used by rockets is used in the first [phase] of the rocket's flight because it has to escape the gravitational pull inside the Earth's atmosphere.
11. The monthly cycle of [phases] of the moon has fascinated mankind for many generations.
12. A complete cycle of the [phases] of the moon takes 29.53 days.
13. Millicent McIntosh once stated that the most important [phase] of living with a person is respect for that person as an individual.
14. Menopause is the beginning of a new [phase] in life for many women.
15. In February of 1942, in the first [phase] of the Battle of Java Sea, four Allied ships were sunk by the Japanese.
16. Linguists recognize three main [phases] in the evolution of the English language.
17. The first [phase] of treatment will consist of chemotherapy. After that if the symptoms persist, we may have to consider radiation.
18. The increase to the education budget will be [phased] over a period of three years.
19. In geological terms, Mars represents an intermediate [phase] in planetary development which is transitional between a body like our moon and a planet like Earth.

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(as of the moon or a planet), ,

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